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Wax/Aluminum Mould Extended Service Life

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Wax/Aluminum Mould is a hot topic of the mold industry people who are very concerned about the use of aluminum as a more cost-effective way to produce mold has many advantages, can further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. As the advantages are so obvious, the mold manufacturing cycle is shortened, thereby reducing the cost of production, coupled with the mold has better thermal conductivity, which means that the production cycle can be greatly reduced. In short, it is advisable to explore the issue of electroplated Wax/Aluminum Moulds for those who consider the use of such molds.

History and application

The application of Wax/Aluminum Moulds to injection molding is not entirely a new concept. Initially, the prototype mold commonly used aluminum manufacturing, and the automotive industry has been using this mold for many years of history, and now has gradually in the automotive industry outside the popular in the business.

More and more customers have raised the question of how to extend the life of these molds so that they can be applied to limited production? With the development of this trend, customers began to explore the Wax/Aluminum Mould as a real production tool, and even raised more questions, such as:

(1) mold may need to be plated the final surface finish should reach what level in order to better make parts off the mold?

(2) Does it require a glossy surface finish or diamond-like surface finish? Does it require the use of shot blasting?

(3) What kind of requirements are required to prevent corrosion and wear?

All of these problems should be answered before processing the mold.

Due to the development of new technology and aluminum formwork, especially for the design of injection molds, Wax/Aluminum Moulds are increasingly used in blow molding, R.I.M. mold, rubber mold, structural foam mold and R.T.M. mold and other fields. Although it may not be suitable for all applications, but in fact, its use becomes more and more common.

Extended service life

Everyone wants to extend the life of the mold, such as the use of traditional tool steel molds, the surface of hard chromium or nickel metal plating, or the use of more specialized engineering coatings, this can prevent its surface wear or Corrosion, to promote its better stripping. Since then, in order to seek the same goal, began to use Wax/Aluminum Mould, and found a practical solution.

Gloss level

In order to be able to mold to produce better decorative parts, in addition to extend the service life of the mold, the manufacturer also hopes that the surface of Wax/Aluminum Mould to maintain a certain degree of gloss, it is recommended to use non-plating nickel coating process, because This method helps to extend the life of the mold surface finish, making it relatively easy to produce decorative parts.

As the texture of aluminum is softer, if you do not use the surface coating, it is easy to wear plastic, to speed up its damage, thus changing the gloss of the injection molding. The non-electroless nickel coating increases the die surface by 50RC to protect and extend the gloss and structure of the mold surface.

smoothness of the surface

More advantageously, the non-electroless nickel coating can achieve better surface finish quality than the aluminum itself, but it must be noted that some surface treatment is required first before the mold can be plated. For example, in order to achieve a level of quality at the lens level, it is recommended that the surface of the Wax/Aluminum Mould be machined to the SPIA-3 finish level before applying the 0.0003 to 0.0005 high-phosphorus non-electroless nickel coating before further polishing , To achieve the diamond grade quality finish level.

On the other hand, this process saves a lot of time and cost. Under normal circumstances, aluminum will bring a variety of defects, but with the naked eye is often invisible, only in the injection molding parts can be clearly seen that this will lead to waste of materials, and return The test bed is re-tested for the time being to analyze and correct the problems that arise. The non-electroless nickel coating will help to eliminate these defects or minimize these defects before the mold is put into production.

Since the non-electroless nickel coating is uniformly deposited on all the surfaces of the mold, it will cover the entire part, including all threaded holes and pin holes, which effectively improves the structural integrity of the Wax/Aluminum Mould. Another advantage is that the application of non-electroless nickel coatings will not affect the properties of aluminum because it is applied at low temperatures of 180 ° C.

In the Wax/Aluminum Mould, the use of other coatings is also very good, but it depends on the required production characteristics.

Anticorrosive protection and waterline

If corrosion is a matter of concern, then nickel-polytetrafluoroethylene coating, nickel boron nitride coating and non-electroless nickel coating will be able to play the best anti-corrosion effect. After using any of the above-mentioned types of coating, the mold does not need to be sprayed with other protective and coating on the mold during the shutdown.

Water lines can also benefit from non-electroless nickel coatings from Wax/Aluminum Moulds. If there is no need to worry about the use of waterline shrinkage or white similar to the squamous coating, it can reduce the processing cycle, because the plating material can actually eliminate these problems. Therefore, as long as the plug is not removed from the mold before application, then when the entire mold is sprayed, the waterline will be covered by the spray coating.

In the 50RC, the direct spray of non-electroless nickel coating can play a general anti-wear protection, but can be the best protection of PVC gas; nickel - PTFE coating at 50RC, the protective wear Medium protection, and can improve the lubrication, and play a good anti-corrosion effect; and boron nitride coating in the 54RC, with excellent wear resistance, but also has a good stripping performance and corrosion protection The

It should also be noted that aluminum has a different grade, the need for different treatment methods to ensure that it is appropriate for any plating material adhesion. Therefore, it is always useful to know your substrate, or to find an electroplating dealer with certain equipment to provide you with analysis. This ensures that you achieve the best adhesion on skateboards, mold closures, parting lines and other mold elements.

There is no doubt that the long-term use of injection molding production of Wax/Aluminum Mould trends will continue, and will undoubtedly be developed a series of more innovative aluminum alloy materials to meet and meet the needs of different mold production and application. No matter what kind of situation will be followed, but there is always a kind of engineering coating can be used to improve the quality of the product and extend the life of the mold, which is very simple things to provide plating services dealers have a lot of experience And resources can help people to achieve this desire.

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