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The Girls From JieMei Marketing Department Took An Active Part In Disassembling Mold

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

The girls from JieMei Marketing department took an active part in disassembling mold to have a specific understanding of mold. It is really a good team work with bench worker. Girls can make some small work such as fixing / removing screws. It allow more time for them to engaging more complicate work and girls can learn actual structure in mould accordingly. When customer come to visit JieMei, our girls can proudly introduce mold details to them by herself, as well as discussion on the part issues. 


There are the separate offices and leisure rooms s for customer working and a short rest .  Also JieMei prepare a work lunch with Chinese traditional dishes for customers who have a busy time here for mold checking and tryouts and sometimes the girls will cook their special dishes for customer, which gives them home feeling. We are more than glad to do what we can do to provide good service for customer including life and business. We also go to overseas to visit customers. We deeply know it is not easy and for a long business trip to supplier. This is what our Boss Mr. Jackson always stresses and he play it as  the  most import things to reception and service customers.


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