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SMC Mould Industry Prospects For The Development Of A Bright Future

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Smc mold heat treatment technology

Smc mold is intelligent heat treatment, which also defines the mold structure and the use of materials and heat treatment technology, the required mold heating process required temperature, and stress. So smc mold for the heat treatment technology we understand you, please see the following details.

Smc mold heat treatment process of the importance

Heat treatment technology is to ensure smc mold performance of the important process. It smc mold the following performance has a direct impact. Smc mold strength: improper heat treatment process, heat treatment operation is not standardized or heat treatment equipment is not complete, resulting in smc mold processing intensity (hardness) can not meet the design requirements. Smc mold manufacturing accuracy: uneven transformation of the organization, not complete and heat treatment of the formation of residual stress caused by smc mold sm6 after the heat treatment in the processing, assembly and mold the use of the process of deformation, thereby reducing the SMC mold accuracy, or even scrapped.

Smc mold working life: heat treatment caused by unreasonable organizational structure, grain size exceeded, resulting in the main performance such as smc mold toughness, hot and cold fatigue performance, anti-wear performance and so on, affecting the SMC die working life.

Smc mold manufacturing costs: smc mold manufacturing process as a middle link or the final process, heat treatment caused by cracking, deformation tolerance and performance tolerance, in most cases will make the mold scrapped, even through the patch can continue to use, will Increase the working hours, extend the delivery time, improve the mold manufacturing costs.

But we do not know, if you want the heat treatment technology has a better effect, you need to have a professional knowledge and skills, and we should know that the heat treatment technology and mold quality is very closely related, so that smc mold It is important to have inferiority.

China's rapid development over the years, now can be said to have become the center of the global manufacturing and SMC mold manufacturing and use of power. Although the current SMC mold industry market thriving, but in terms of quality, roughness, accuracy or structure and other aspects of world-class products have a greater distance. Mold manufacturing industry in China for many years of development experience, although the mold industry production cycle is higher than the international level, but the product level is relatively low. This is mainly due to SMC mold accuracy, cavity surface roughness, life and structure and so on. At present, China SMC mold enterprise technical staff low proportion, the level is also low, and do not attach importance to product development, often in the market in a passive position.

With the continuous growth of China's economy, the foundry industry will also maintain rapid growth while driving SMC mold manufacturing industry development, SMC mold market is very active, because China's mold production costs lower than other countries, with the mold casting technology and Improve the quality. Not only can reduce the import of molds, and is expected to gradually open the foreign market, mold exports will have a lot of room for development. Various indications show that under the guidance of the policy, in China's development of the casting industry in the direction of China's small and medium-sized SMC mold private enterprises have mushroomed and thriving to grow up, the contribution of SMEs to society has become increasingly prominent, plus On China's casting enterprises to create their own continuous innovation and improvement, China's mold industry prospects for the development of a bright future.

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