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Precision Mould Appeared In A Variety Of Mold Processing

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

It is the ideal state of the Precision Mould industry in recent years. In recent years, with the improvement of machining precision, the processing technology and the standardization are progressing steadily. It is the foundation for the realization of the precision mold only. More and more become one of the core competitiveness of the mold factory.

Mold slider, found in the assembly of the processing problems are more often need fitter repair grinding, in the investigation found that the processing of the slider to ensure that the mold assembly requirements failed to fit.

Because the slider is a moving part, the vertical position of the slider, the sealing position and the stop position of the relative position of the higher requirements, but because of the slider processing process need to use fixture clamping, clamping the slider after the vertical There is no effective monitoring, the sealing position and the relative position of the bit is also difficult to guarantee.

In view of the problem in the processing of this slider, has been in the CNC process to focus on strengthening the monitoring to ensure that the slider processing pass rate, so as to achieve Precision Mould are not equipped to provide reliable protection.

In the realization of Precision Mould only installed, the first need to overcome the traditional concept of conservative manufacturing, set goals, and then continue to solve the actual production and improve the level of technology in order to truly change!

The manufacture of Precision Mould is inseparable from those advanced processing equipment. Die manufacturing the main process of CNC milling, walking thread cutting, EDM, grinding, car, measurement, automation and so on. This article describes the advanced equipment and technology of these processes, take a look at it.

First, CNC milling

It can be said that the rapid development of plastic mold manufacturing industry is mainly due to the innovation of CNC milling technology. From the traditional milling machine to the three-axis machining center, and then to today's five-axis high-speed milling, making no matter how complex three-dimensional parts of the processing can almost become a reality, the hardness of the material is no longer a problem. The main cavity of the plastic mold is machined by CNC milling.

High-speed milling with small diameter milling cutter (typical cutter is a solid carbide ball cutter, end mill and corrugated milling cutter), high speed (spindle speed up to 40,000 rpm), small cycle feed, making the production efficiency (Linear motor, up to 80m / min fast-moving speed, up to 2g acceleration), the surface of the surface of the workpiece, the speed of the workpiece is reduced,Precision Mould the precision is reduced to 5μm. At the same time, due to the low milling force, the workpiece thermal deformation is reduced, the milling depth is small, The finish can reach Ra <0.15 μm. High-speed milling can be processed 60HRC hardened die steel, so high-speed milling processing allows after the heat treatment and then cutting, mold manufacturing process greatly simplified.

Foreign advanced CNC milling equipment manufacturers have the Swiss GF processing program, Germany DMG, Germany Hammer, Japan Makino, Germany Rhodes, Germany OPS, Germany waves, Germany Ethiopia, Japan Yamazaki Mazak, Japan Catch, the United States Haas and so on.

Second, walking wire cutting processing

Thread cutting is mainly used for all kinds of die, plastic mold, powder metallurgy mold and other two-dimensional and three-dimensional ruled surface parts processing. Which processing stamping die to the largest proportion of the stamping die punch, punch fixed plate, die and unloading board and many other precision hole processing, walking thread cutting is an indispensable key technology. In the injection mold manufacturing, the common application of inserts holes, pin holes, inclined top hole,Precision Mould cavity clearance angle and slider processing, in general, processing accuracy requirements are not so high stamping die. Slow wire processing is a high precision machining method, high-end machine tool can reach less than 3μm processing accuracy, surface roughness up to Ra0.05μm. At present has been able to achieve 0.02 ~ 0.03 mm of the wire wire automatically wear silk cutting, practical cutting efficiency of up to 200 mm2 / min or so.

Third, EDM processing

EDM for precision small cavities, slits, grooves, corners and other complex parts of the processing. When the tool is difficult to reach the complex surface, where the need for deep cutting, in the aspect ratio is particularly high, EDM process is better than milling. For the processing of high-tech parts, the re-discharge of the milling electrodes can improve the success rate, and the discharge machining is more appropriate than the expensive tool costs. In addition, in the provisions of the need for EDM finishing place,Precision Mould with EDM to provide the surface of the spark.

In the rapid development of high-speed milling today, EDM development space has been a certain squeeze. At the same time, high-speed milling also to the EDM processing has brought greater technological progress. Such as: the use of high-speed milling to create electrodes, due to the realization of small areas of processing and high-quality surface results, so that the number of electrode design greatly reduced. In addition, the use of high-speed milling to create the electrode can also make the production efficiency to a new level, and to ensure that the electrode of high precision, so that the accuracy of EDM also improved. If most of the processing of the cavity is done by high-speed milling, the EDM is only used as an auxiliary means to clean the edges, so that the amount is more uniform and less.

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