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JieMei Mould brought In New Import Equipment

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Mar 26, 2018

JieMei Mould Brought in New Import Euipment this year 2018, it will give us more power for mould making. The 5 new machines are as below. 

  1. MIKRON MILL1600(rpm 20,000 stroke 1600×870×700mm)

  2. MIKRON MILL1000(rpm 20,000 stroke 1050×600×600mm)

  3. A-D14MiB(rpm 24,000 stroke 500×400×330mm)

 These 3 machines arrived at our company this month.

  1.  MIKRON MILL900 (rpm 20,000 Stroke 900x600x450mm)

  2. Charmilles ROBOFIL 440(440x440x280)

These 2 machines will arrive next month.

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