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How To Improve The Competitiveness Of China's Mold Industry

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Jan 14, 2017

Disadvantage is mainly reflected in: knowledge resources were more limited, high-end technicians lack of capital resources are not adequate. Mold of related support sex industry cannot meet high-end mold of production need; addition, mold of upper and lower chain enterprise pieces collaboration capacity poor, Shang downstream enterprise no formed full of industry chain; industry structure not reasonable, domestic middle and low mold GLUT, high-end mold since distribution rate serious insufficient, and products added value low; professional and brand of still not obviously; lack independent development and innovation capacity, products with quality of, peer competition wandering in of low cost competition stage; information level and professional foreign trade personnel lack, Causes a slow government sector support is inadequate in mold industry with preferential policies, and so on.
Through in-depth analysis of inferior position, combined with the development of mold industry, international model Association Secretary General Luo Baihui proposes the following countermeasures to improve the international competitiveness of China's mold industry:
1, focus on the development of mold professionals, improve quality of employees;
2, accelerating the development of related supporting industries of technology content, improve added value;
3, optimize the product structure, industrial structure;
4, innovation, implementation of regional brand strategy;
5, the development of industry clusters, create a mold industry chain;
6, government guidance support role into full play.

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