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Die Casting Mould Maintenance And Maintenance

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

First, Die Casting Mould production, to fine design, to facilitate future Die Casting Mould and spare parts management

"To be good at work, we must first of its profits," the Die Casting Mould, the first design to be considered when the standardization, interchangeability, versatility and identifiability. Such as the whole injection chamber with the same die casting machine as much as possible to use the same specifications; cylinder joints, travel switches, water pipes, cooling tubing and pre-resetting rod tonnage similar to die-casting machine to uniform specifications; if accompanied by cylinder Die Casting Mould core Die Casting Mould, On the quick change connector, recommended Japan on the East quick change connector, Model: 6HP. The core design is designed to conform to the die-casting Die Casting Mould design manual. The Die Casting Mould itself is stamped with a permanent mark, which includes at least part name, part number, Die Casting Mould number, production time and manufacturer. Second, the design drawings to be accurate, consistent with the drawings. Dimensional tolerances, finish, heat treatment, and numbers.

Second, the establishment of Die Casting Mould resume card (Die Casting Mould file) and storage area

Each set of Die Casting Moulds in the factory to establish a complete set of use records, which is to ensure that after the maintenance and maintenance of an important basis for each one must do meticulous, clear, including the acceptance of new Die Casting Mould status, end inspection records, maintenance Records, production modules and so on. Most of the die-casting factory has hundreds of sets of Die Casting Moulds, how can we find the Die Casting Mould in the shortest time? One way is to set and partition custody. Make the Die Casting Mould storage position status board, specify the Die Casting Mould to place the area. Usually 500T below the press used in the Die Casting Mould on a special Die Casting Mould rack, homing can use the forklift. 500T above the press used by the bottom of the Die Casting Mould pad to sleep, flat on the ground. Die Casting Mould can not be opened to store, so as not to damage the working parts. Each Die Casting Mould is labeled.

Third, the Die Casting Mould regular maintenance

Die repair group duties: Die Casting Mould maintenance and maintenance play a "sick treatment, disease-free physical" role. For a set of Die Casting Moulds after a batch of tasks is completed, the quality control department need to carry out a detailed inspection of the final pieces, the problem and the end of the pieces by the model group. Die Casting Mould maintenance rules are as follows:

1, check the surface of the cavity with or without adhesion of metal shavings and trauma, ablation traces, and with emery cloth and polishing tools for grinding the Department of grinding, polishing;

2, carefully check the cavity surface cracks, cracks, scratches and local collapse. Whether there is a pit or barb on the surface of the cavity wall in the stripping direction. On the surface appears a slight mesh pattern cracks, can be used to strengthen the EDM tungsten booster, polishing. Larger crack collapse and pits must be removed after the bottom of the metal, with the die steel electrode for welding, and processing, grinding, polishing;

3, Die Casting Mould cavity, slide in the welding should be heated before 180 ° C -250 ° C, after welding should be to eliminate stress tempering;

4, check the ejector rod, the core is bent, cracks and fracture. The bending and breaking of the core and the mandrel should be replaced in time, the cavity of the cracks should be removed from the bottom of the metal, with the die steel welding after welding, grinding, polishing;

5, check whether the advance or retreat out of the rod is free, whether there is stuck phenomenon, whether the high or lower out of the surface, the hole out of the hole into the alloy, found that the problem should be promptly repaired, replaced;

6, check the slider and slide with the situation, whether there is alloy in the slide, the slider is in place. Slider and slide with the gap is too large, should be repair welding or replace the slider; slider and slide with the gap is too small, should be equipped with research, so that the gap is moderate. While removing the alloy in the slide;

7, color inspection slider block with the situation. To understand whether there is a phenomenon when the production of bian mode; oblique guide column hole is deformed; slider and oblique guide column with the phenomenon of stuck; slider is in place; the existence of problems in time to repair or replacement;

8, check the dynamic and static Die Casting Mould parting surface of the gap, so as to keep in the range of 0.1mm; sub-surface of the exhaust channel is blocked, blocked to be clean;

9, check the cooling system for clogging, leakage, water pipe joints are loose or damaged. Such as clogging, leakage should be targeted repair;

10, overhaul the finished Die Casting Mould, the repair should be clean when the residue clean. Temporarily does not produce the Die Casting Mould, should the cavity, slide and guide the surface of the column after oil can be installed Die Casting Mould;

11, after the repair of the Die Casting Mould, in the first piece of the test after the test can be produced before passing.

Maintenance personnel in the maintenance, repair, maintenance process must master a principle, absolutely not allowed to change the size of the Die Casting Mould, if you change the original size, there will be the occurrence of mass quality accidents, the loss will be very heavy. Polishing Die Casting Mould need to add a little, where there are sticky aluminum, where there is carbon deposition on where to polish, as far as possible due to the polishing caused by the Die Casting Mould caused by wear

Fourth, Die Casting Mould spare parts management

In order to facilitate the timely repair of Die Casting Mould parts and Die Casting Mould parts, to improve the machine speed, spare parts of the contract, storage, possession of custody and retirement must be standardized. First, determine the wearing parts of Die Casting Mould, die-casting Die Casting Mould wearing parts generally include the activities of the core, the activities of inserts, mandrels, gates and guide sets, guide column. Followed by the establishment of the minimum inventory of wearing parts, the principle: according to monthly production, spare parts strength, the use of a single set of Die Casting Moulds and the actual use of the situation. And then compilation of die-casting Die Casting Mould parts and wearing parts of the corresponding parts of the corresponding parts, including the wearing parts list at least include: part name, drawing number, number, quantity, minimum inventory, specifications, etc., and the number must Unique, put away the mix. Wear parts and die corresponding to the table is to facilitate maintenance personnel to replace spare parts. Treasury management personnel responsible for ensuring the number of spare parts safety inventory, inventory of goods inventory inspection, check, number, registration, storage, storage. Must be in the EXCEL file on the minimum inventory, for less than the minimum inventory of spare parts, the Treasury management staff to apply in a timely manner, reported to the department in charge of outsourcing processing. For the commonly used spare parts and very spare parts can be divided into A and B area, A area with the commonly used model number spare parts; B area with a special model spare parts;

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