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Die Casting Mould Continuously Improving Usage Performance

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Die Casting Mould production is inseparable from Die Casting Mould, the quality of the mold directly affect the normal production of enterprises, and even the economic benefits of enterprises, wages and income of workers. A well-designed Die Casting Mould mold can maximize the production efficiency of equipment, effectively reduce the energy costs of Die Casting Mould production, reduce the scrap rate of die castings; so, in order to make the mould quality have a big improvement, what should we do?

To strengthen the new mold into the factory inspection, to ensure that its quality to meet the requirements of the use of the enterprise, is bound to become our focus of work. Below is how completes the mold the acceptance work, does the brief elaboration.

Safe production is the fundamental of a company's survival, mold safety is also one of the important characteristics of the mold, the safety of the mold will bring great potential for future production, serious can cause human disability.

The hoisting hole of the mould must meet the relevant stipulations of the technical Agreement signed by the two parties to ensure the balance of the mould hoisting (the hoisting balance includes two aspects of the whole hoisting of the mould and the movable and fixed die body hoisting); This requires full consideration when making the hoisting hole position.

For the mold parts larger than 15Kg must have the lifting hole, the mold hoisting hole position should be convenient for the future mold maintenance, rather than do it casually.

The precision inspection of the mould hoisting hole is more important than the quantity and position, so the precision of hoisting hole should be checked, the hoisting holes should be H7 standard and the depth should not be less than the thread length of the same specification. The special emphasis on the accuracy of lifting holes is because, In the process of the acceptance of the die, the thread bottom hole of the hoisting hole is often found to be too large, and the screw thread with the ring is not good, even will lead to the mold during the hoisting process of the thread slip buckle, die shedding caused personnel injuries, mold equipment damage and other safety accidents.

Die Casting Mould production will often encounter new product development and old mold update, due to the particularity of the casting production process, in general, the quality of the castings and external quality depends on the casting process, such as metal liquid temperature, pressure, speed and speed switch points. But in most cases, it is closely related to the design and manufacture of die, and the influence factors of mould include: mould cavity number, design of pouring and arranging system, type of gate (position and size), and structure of casting itself. Therefore, in order to avoid casting defects caused by die design, some problems in the mold making are checked and corrected. It is necessary to test the die for the finished mould.

Die Casting Mould mold is a large class in the mold. With the rapid development of China's automobile and motorcycle industry, die casting industry ushered in a new era of development. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the comprehensive mechanical properties and life of die casting die.

To meet the continuous improvement of the use of performance requirements, only rely on the application of new mold materials is still difficult to meet, it is necessary to apply a variety of surface treatment technology to Die Casting Mould mold surface treatment, in order to achieve the Die Casting Mould mold high efficiency, high-precision and high life requirements.

In a variety of molds, Die Casting Mould mold working conditions are more stringent. Pressure casting is to make molten metal in high pressure, high-speed mold cavity filled with Die Casting Mould type, in the work process, repeatedly and hot metal contact, therefore, the request Die Casting Mould mold with high heat-resistant fatigue, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact toughness, red hard, good demoulding and so on. Therefore, the surface treatment technology of Die Casting Mould mold requires higher.

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