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Customer Attend Molding Trial And Part Assembling With JieMei

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

  On June 27th, our customer came to visit us and attend the molding trials with us. They do the assembling on site, see pictures below. It is consist of 2 kinds of different dimensional parts and total 24. These parts are fixed by special screws. And the raw material for these parts are PA66 GF40, very strong.

  It is hot , more than 30 degrees, even energy-efficient air conditioning is under way, we can see sweat runs down like raindrops from the hair and face of the guys assembling. Sometimes it splash to our girls face, Haha. Anyway we are together to check trials and do assembling regardless of the hot weather. This is our JieMei spirit . Service first, Quality first.

  The most interesting is the big product after assembling is a part of fan used in industry. It means we are making our effort to cool in the hot weather. It sounds exciting and meaningful. This is also what every JieMei people are more than glad to do and expect .



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