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Automotive Mould Optimizing Stamping Skills And Mold Construction

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

At present, the global Automotive Mould industry has shown nine development trends, namely: stamping process of imitation effect is more prominent, Automotive Mould three-dimensional planning position to be stable, digital Automotive Mould technology has become the mainstream direction,Automotive Mould rapid development of Automotive Mould processing automation, high strength Steel stamping technology is the future direction of development, the new Automotive Mould products when the launch of the Automotive Mould data and appearance processing skills will be reused, for the scientific and information technology is the direction of the development of Automotive Mould companies, Automotive Mould manufacturing is an inevitable trend.

Stamping process of the imitation role has become increasingly prominent

Over the years, with the rapid development of computer software and hardware, the stamping process of imitation skills (CAE) play an increasingly important role. In the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries, CAE skills has become a necessary part of the Automotive Mould planning process, widely used to guess the shortcomings of forming, optimize the stamping skills and Automotive Mould structure, forward the reliability of the Automotive Mould planning, reducing the test time.

Many domestic car Automotive Mould company in the use of CAE has also made significant progress, access to the outstanding role. CAE skills can greatly reduce the use of the cost of Automotive Mould, shorten the stamping die development cycle, has become the primary means to ensure the quality of the Automotive Mould. CAE skills are gradually making Automotive Mould planning from the experience of planning into scientific planning.

Automotive Mould three-dimensional planning status to be stable

Die three-dimensional planning is the primary content of digital Automotive Mould technology, is to complete the Automotive Mould planning, production and inspection integration of the foundation. Japan Toyota, the United States and other companies have completed the Automotive Mould of the three-dimensional planning, and has made outstanding use of the role. Foreign Automotive Mould in the three-dimensional planning to take some of the practice worthy of our study. In addition to the three-dimensional planning to facilitate the integration of production, the other advantage is to facilitate the dry and check, can be dry and analysis of the movement, dealing with a two-dimensional planning a problem.

Digital Automotive Mould technology has become the direction of the mainstream

These years are agile to carry out the digital Automotive Mould skills, is to deal with car Automotive Mould development in the face of a lot of questions effective way. The so-called digital tooling skills, that is, computer skills or computer skills (CAX) in the Automotive Mould planning process of use.

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