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JieMei Staff Behavior Standard Learning

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Jun 10, 2017

“ Gratitude First, Team First, Service First , Quality First “ Our owner Mr.Jackson issued its in May as “Staff behavior standard”.

All departments organize meeting to learn each topic every week . Why we need to learn it ? It is the culture belief of a expanding company. Jie Mei Precision Mould Limited has developed from a single mold company to a group with mold, electronic,mobile phone and quartz mineral after years of stead growth.  Mr. Jackson drew up this standard and set it as company culture and norm. The signs were shown beside the road to workshops . Everyone can get insight on it.


Firstly all leaders from different dept. got together to learn how to understand each topic . 


All staffs from the Services Center including Administration, Purchasing, Warehouse, Financial were learning the topic of “ Gratitude First “. Why put “ Gratitude “ first ? Because is beforehand the personhood, we need to have good frame of mind. We strives to create winning situation for the employees, customers, vendors and society with a thankful heart.


The project assistants team (the communication windows between JieMei and customer) were learning the topic of “Team First”,  all persons shared their view points on each item of this topic.

One person can go fast but not far, a team can make all persons go further. We are not alone on work , we are on the teamwork with all departments , customers, partners and vendors.


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