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Design of the injection mould basic elements

Jie Mei Precision Mould Ltd | Updated: Jan 14, 2017

A, mold the direction and type of thread
Each injection began in the product first to determine the opening direction and parting lines, to ensure as far as possible to reduce core-pulling slider mechanism and elimination of the parting line on its visual impact.
1, after parting direction determined, product stiffeners, buckles, raised structures designed to mold in the same direction as much as possible, to avoid pulling reduce spell stitching, extending tool life.
2, parting direction is determined, you can select the appropriate classification line to avoid parting direction upside down, to improve the look and performance.
Second, stripping slope
1, proper stripping slope can avoid products NAP (lahua). Smooth surface stripping slope should be ≥ 0.5 degrees, with a fine grain (sand surface) of surface is greater than 1, rough skin surface is larger than 1.5 degrees.
2, appropriate stripping slope can avoid injuries, such as white, top, burst.
3, deep cavity design outer surface inclination to request is greater than the surface slope, to ensure mold core of injection is not partial, uniform wall thickness, material strength and ensure open positions.
Third, the wall thickness
1, all kinds of plastic has a certain wall thickness range, General 0.5~4mm, when the wall thickness of more than 4mm, will cause a long cooling time, copycat issues, should consider changing the product mix.
2, uneven thickness causes surface shrinkage.
3, wall thickness will cause the pore and weld.

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